Stevens Family History

With its main office in beautiful Moorestown, NJ, Stevens Real Estate is a fourth-generation family owned and operated commercial real estate sales and leasing company.  During its more than 60+ years of continuous operations, the Stevens family has focused on numerous segments in the real estate development business, primarily specializing in commercial real estate brokerage, property management, new construction, and a variety of other real estate oriented investments.

Through the use of multiple limited liability entities, Stevens Real Estate has current management responsibilities exceeding one million sq. ft., consisting of a combination of office, retail, and flex/industrial space in a total of approximately 40 separate buildings with more than 100 tenants.  These figures support the fact that our emphasis has been on multi-tenant, smaller sized unit spaces that provide a minimum amount of risk, a strategy that requires more intensive property management and oversight.  In addition, Stevens Real Estate has repositioned a 141,000 sq. ft. multi-building manufacturing facility on New Albany Road in Moorestown, and has constructed a 40,000 sq. ft. of spec flex/office space as a portion of a 28-acre 211,000 sq. ft. Business Park located at Briggs & Irwin Roads in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.  The Company’s future plans include commencing the development of a 22-acre, multi-tenant site in Lumberton, New Jersey.

The Stevens Organization continues to broaden its base and participate with others in acquiring or building a senior housing portfolio comprised of independent and assisted senior living for-rent projects primarily on the East Coast, and plans to aggressively pursue good, high quality projects and construct competitively priced and attractive multi-story senior living facilities on well-located ground.

The principals of Stevens Real Estate are father Warren, and sons Jeffrey and Timothy.  Jeff’s son Matt joined the team in 2008. And Tims son Jason came on board in 2013. These individuals, supported by their dedicated staff, comprise the “Stevens Team,” a terrific group with great strength, stability, expertise and creativity, who all work countless hours beyond the “call of duty”.  Each has been able to find its niche within the organization, which has allowed the company to operate effectively and successfully in a wide variety of real estate transactions.  The Stevens Organization credits its success to the dedication and service of our staff who believe, as does management, that “Our customers must be kept happy, and their needs and desires addressed in a timely and courteous manner”.